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Born in Rochester, NY, John grew up with 3 other siblings. Early on, he was designated as the family historian. This is because, ever since he was a child, John DeRycke always had a camera in his hand. He built his own dark room and learned to develop film by the age of 12. John even had several pictures printed in the local newspaper. Upon graduating from high school John entered into a new phase as an amateur photographer where he quickly realized he had more potential than most with a camera. After getting his first film camera and going on his first photographic job, John decided that a hobby in photography was just up his alley.  After several friends saw his photographs, he was quickly encouraged to continue as an amateur photographer and he was only limited by his own imagination on how far he could take his career.  The transition from amateur to professional took some time as well as learning from his mistakes.  It was hard work but it was also a breath of fresh air once achieved.  John's irreverence quickly gained him notoriety as his unique style was breathtaking, and easily recognizable as his.

John was asked by a friend of his at a local telecommunications corporation here in Rochester, NY if he would want to go to a press conference promoting "Frontier Communications" sponsorship to the race at Watkins Glen International in 1999.  It was at this conference that Frontier announced their commitment to sponsor Nascar Racing at Watkins Glen with drivers like Geoff Bodine and John Andretti in attendance and John found himself in a position where he was the only photographer in attendance (being in the right place at the right time).   It became quite evident at this point that this was the start of something big and from that point on he engulted himself with the prospect of becoming a Freelance Photographer for Nascar Racing.  As time progressed and the photographic jobs became more frequent it was then he realized this was what he wanted to do and so he turned a hobby into a business venture.  While going to races he became quite involved with other race teams here in Upstate NY.  In Rochester, NY a privately owned company, Monroe Muffler, received an inquisition from DeRycke Motorsports Photography regarding photographing Monroe Muffler's car in the Busch Series Racing for Nascar.  The #47 Monroe Muffler car, driven by Andy Santerre was to be driven during the Watkins Glen Busch Race.  To John's delight Monroe Muffler was eager to hire his talent as their exclusive photographer.  John went to several races including Watkins Glen and Richmond International Raceway where he captured Andy Santerre and the #47 Monroe Muffler car.  This was just the beginning...

John has been pursued by many major magazines, to be a staff photographer, however, John has always chosen to remain an independent photographer. His studio is designed to accommodate and endeavor. "I love creating vibrant imagery for a commercial shoot. But I also like spending time with a family, creating a memorable portrait. I really have no preference. Every shoot is a unique challenge, with unique possibilities."

Although John is highly in demand, he is always open to new projects. No job is too big or too small. Call John today. You won't regret it.

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